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And just like that, we have windows and a hole for our fan!

I am not gonna lie, cutting holes in our brand new van elicited some anxiety in me. Luckily, Mike and our amazing friend Lee were doing the cutting - and I have the utmost faith in their abilities!

Speaking of Lee, this guy is a rockstar. I mean...legit, solid, rockstar. We could NOT have completed as much as we did, and as clean and professionally, without his help. Full stop.

THANK YOU, Lee!!!!

Ok - so how did it all go down? We rolled up to Lee and Cathy's house on Saturday morning around 11am. Mike and Lee did some strategery...and we were off to the races. We have a video high light reel, but for those more inclined to read - see below for the deets.

Prep for Fan Install

We're installing the MaxxFan with remote. More on why we chose that here ----

  • Measure / Template

  • Tape to protect the paint

  • Drill pilot holes

  • Start cutting

  • Paint edges to prevent rust

  • Install gasket (LINK TO GASKET ORDER)

Cut holes and installed side windows

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