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First camp of 2021

01/08/21 - 01/10/21 | Huntsville State Park, Site 63

One of the best things about having the Roci, is the ability to do last minute trips! Our amazing friend Lisa (from Atlanta) messaged me and told me she was traveling to Houston to pick up her new puppy and if we could drive down to see her. While Houston isn't the quickest of trips from where we live...we were excited about the chance to see Lisa and give her a big hug, so we packed up a few essentials and booked a spot at Huntsville State Park, just north of Houston. The last time I had visited HSP was around 10 years ago for a trail it was fun to get back and check out the park. We got a site near the water, site 63, and it had plenty of room, was level, and relatively close to the bathrooms.

Our site was water only, and the weather was pretty darn chilly, so we were testing our ability to camp in cold weather without our little plug-in heater. We tried out a few new things on this trip...a new recipe (foil packet shrimp w/ squash, zucchini and onions with dirty rice) and used our Biolite firepit. The firepit did great! With the addition of the fan - the fire burned nice and clean, and the heat really radiated and kept us warm. Temps got into the low 30's overnight, but we stayed nice and cozy in our down sleeping bags.

Around mid-day Saturday, temps creeped back up to the mid 50's and we got some sun! We just really enjoyed having a laid-back morning and Lisa showed up with her new puppy, Nola, early in the afternoon.

We had a great time catching up and getting new pupper snuggles. Lisa stayed for a bit, but then had to hit the we just kicked back and enjoyed the firepit some more. We got up super early Sunday morning and headed home.

All in all, a great short trip!

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