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Remote Monitoring Temperature in the Van and Fridge

Ever since installing the Victron Cerbo GX to monitor the electrical system we've been wanting to add the ability to monitor the temperature in the van and also in the fridge. Well, in the last couple of months Victron has released a new version of their

Venus OS (2.80) that runs the Cerbo GX and it has support for for Ruvvi Tags which are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors that send terpreature, humidity, and barometric pressure data back to the Cerbo GX where it can be added to the data it sends to the Victron Remote Management Portal. This means we can now monitor temperature from our phones or desktops right alongside the electrical system info. Not only that but we can also set alarms to notify us if the van or the fridge get too hot or too cold. Each tag is about $36 and run on a coin battery that lasts up to 2 years. Right now you have to order them direct from Ruuvi based in Finland but delivery only took about 10 days and they provided tracking information.

Installation is very easy. All you have to do is activate the tag by pulling out a plastic tab to engage the battery and then tell the Cerbo GX to listen to the tags. From there you can name the tags something useful like "INSIDE VAN" or "FRIDGE" so those labels appear in your VRM display.

As you can see the temperature data is collected along with the data from the van's electrical system. Not only do the tags measure temperature but they also measure humidity and barometric pressure. While barometric pressure may not be that useful to measure in a van, tracking humidity can help you avoid condensation when the weather turns cold outside. And here is what the data looks like on my phone.

Being able to monitor the temps in the van can be great if you travel with pets and have to leave them for short time not too far away. Being able to monitor you fridge can help you make sure your food doesn't spoil and your beer stays cold. Also, if it gets too hot in the van the fridge may not be able to keep up. By studying the temperature graphs over time you will get a feel for how your fridge performs on hot days.

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